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Why should you get the Fit3D Test

  • 3D Avatar: Look at yourself like you’ve never seen before by getting a 3D image of your body and tracking any changes in fat distribution as visually as possible.

  • Circumferential Measurements: Get precise measurements of your body that helps in tracking any inch loss or gain around your belly, buttocks, thighs, chest, arms etc.

  • Body Composition: Find out your body fat percentage, fat mass and lean mass and visualize with a graph where you fall adn where you need to be.

  • Posture Analysis: A deep understanding of shifts, tilts and rotations in your body from your head to your ankles, as well as how your weight balances on your feet.

  • Wellness Assessment: Check out your body shape rating, waist to hip ratio, trunk to leg ratio, which circumference and basal metabolic rate to find out how likely you are to developing chronic illnesses such as heart, kidneys, sugar blood pressure etc in the future.

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Fit3D is the new RAVE in town!

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