Fitness Ambassador

We are hiring Fitness Ambassadors nationwide to manage our Fitness Diagnostic Labs and handle all tasks relevant to running the lab including client handling. The tasks are as follows:

  • Convince all passersby to get their fitness scans done at our labs.
  • Collect the payment, enter payment data in the CRM software and conduct the body scans of the clients on our Fit3D device
  • Have the client sit down and wait until their scan results are uploaded into the system (takes about 2-5 minutes), explain to the client what their report means, finally recommend one or a combination of the following: dietary measures, exercise tips and fat loss medical procedures.
  • Provide to clients complete information regarding promotions.
  • Manage any new tasks as and when delegated by Operations Department.
  • Represent the brand in marketing / PR activities whenever required.

Your career at FDL as a Fitness Ambassador is a rewarding journey that is followed by highly competitive compensation package which offers a range of rewards, incentives and benefits like events, dine-outs and above all a great working environment.

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